Huafen-Sunrise (HFSR) is a gas analyzer manufacturer, offering analyzing instrument and complete process gas analysis solutions for industrial and laboratory applications. HFSR was the first company in China to apply the electrochemical and thermoelectric method for the industrial process analysis. Now we provide oxygen analyzer, infrared gas analyzer, thermal conductivity gas analyzer, continuous emission monitoring system and integrated process analysis system for customers. Our instruments are widely applied for analyzing gas of oxygen, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, ammonia gas and sulfur dioxide. Our gas analyzer has high precision and can be used in complex conditions with good stability. We can provide custom gas analysis solutions to satisfy client demands.

Started in 2003, Huafen-Sunrise has over 15 years of experience in the gas analyzing industry. We have provided thousands of the gas analyzers for the chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical and thermoelectric power industries. With these years of development, we have a group of experts combined with gas analysis, electric and mechanical technology. Our mission is to provide safe and quality gas analyzers and gas analysis solutions to customers.