Electrochemical Gas Analyzer

Our oxygen analyzers can provide accurate analysis of trace oxygen concentration with a resolution of 0.001. The instrument has a light weight and a service life of more than 4 years. The oxygen analyzer uses advanced signal processing technology which can automatically display the composition, concentration and trend of gas. We provide oxygen analyzers and explosion proof oxygen analyzers. The structure of the explosion proof oxygen analyzer is more compact. Even if there is a spark when the machine breaks down, it will be limited into the shell. Thus, the flammable and explosive gases will not be ignited by the spark.

    1. Electrochemical Gas Analyzer SR-2030
    2. Electrochemical Gas Analyzer SR-2030
    3. The oxygen Analyzer SR-2030 is a gas analyzer system which makes use of electrochemical methods to measure continuously the oxygen content in kinds of mixed gases.
    1. Electrochemical Gas Analyzer SR-2030Ex
    2. Electrochemical Gas Analyzer SR-2030Ex
    3. The SR-2030EX explosion proof oxygen analyzer has greater shell strength and smaller joint clearance between the components of the shell.
Products features
  • There is no or slight influence on result caused by disturbing gases such as CO2, CO, H2S, NOx, N2, Ar, H2, CH4, CL2, SO2, NH3, HCI, H2O;
  • The sensor has a long life which can be used for more than four years with normal operation.
  • Air pressure and flow rate have little or no influence on the test results.
  • Small gas consumption, minimum 100ml/min.
  • The response time is less than 15s.
  • High accuracy and resolution is 0.001.
  • LCD with wide range of temperature displays the composition, concentration and trend chart of the detected gas.
  • Automatic zero correction, multi-level password protection and no loss of data when power-off.
  • Measuring range can be set arbitrarily.
  • It has RS232/485 interface and can be connected with DCS.