Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzer

The thermal conductivity of hydrogen is the highest of all gases, and the thermal conductivity of mixed gases directly depends on the hydrogen content. The hydrogen levels are measured by measuring the thermal conductivity of the mixed gases, and the accuracy of the analyzer depends on the sensitivity of the temperature sensor. The micro-sensor is fabricated using a micromachining process, and achieves a resolution of 0.001.

Products features
  • Strong shock resistance
  • Strong anti-jamming performance: it is not affected by the change in background gas composition, and has a high stability and reliability.
  • Integrated temperature compensation: it is not affected by environmental temperature changes
  • Response time is less than 5 seconds
  • High sensitivity and high accuracy sensors with the resolution of 0.001
  • Wide temperature range LCD screen displays the composition, concentration, trend chart of the detected gas.
  • Auto to zero and multi-level password protection.
  • Data storage in real time even if there is an instant power-off.
  • Range can be set arbitrarily
  • It has RS232/485 interface and can be connected with DCS.