Non Dispersive Infrared Gas Analyzer (NDIR)

The infrared gas analyzer is based on the properties of different gases and how they absorb infrared rays. This makes it suitable for the detection of gas concentrations of a variety of gas types, such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and other gases through the use of infrared.

Products features
  • Electrical modulated infrared light source: There are no mechanical moving parts such as a motor and cutting film, which reduces mechanical noise and vibration.
  • New filming infrared gas chamber with high corrosion resistance, high infrared reflectivity and high accuracy. Modular structure is easy to be installed and replaced;
  • Solid light source with high vibration resistance and long life;
    Modulation frequency can reach to 100 Hz and light intensity can reach to 900 Mw;
    Wide detection range: both trace gases and high concentration gases can be analyzed online
  • The content value is changed into an analog signal which is outputted to the user. Output signal range can be set according to requirements
  • The upper and lower limits alarm
  • New integrated infrared detection system and high precision preamplifier circuit: high resolution and detection accuracy
  • Multi password protection.
  • Data storage in real-time even if there is a power off
  • Wide temperature range LCD displays the composition, concentration and trend of the measured gas.